Swimming Lessons For Adults

At Swim101SG we don’t just teach you to swim
we will inspire you to Juz Keep Swimming

Swimming Lessons for Adults With Swim101SG

Referred to as the “Best Swim School” by our students, we had also taught many adults like you to be able to swim. Regardless of whether you just want to learn to swim for fitness or fun, the most valuable of all is you will learn a skill that will follow with you through your life.

Why Should You Take Up Our Adults Swimming Class?

It doesn’t matter how old you are to learn to swim. Our adults’ swimming classes are designed for student 16 years old and above. We will help you to develop your swimming skills and breathing technique to overcome the fear of water, water safety and swimming strokes.

If you ever had a negative experience with the water when you’re young, our swimming coaches are also experienced enough to help you overcome that.

We understand that sharing the pool with others while you are learning to swim. No worry we will make you empowered after a few lessons in a small group to overcome your embarrassment or anxiousness.

We also encourage parent who are not confident in their swimming ability to take up our swimming lessons. Building up your confidence in swimming allow you to have more fun in the water, e.g. swimming pool or at the sea, allowing you to have a more social lifestyle with your friends or family. When you are confident and able to swim, you can take up water sport like canoeing, kayaking etc. You will even be able to enjoy other water sport activities with your family.

At Swim101SG we also offer one to one private lessons with personalized attention to help you in your stroke development if you prefer more privacy.  If you want to be more socialise join our group classes.

Join Our Swimming classes For Adults

What can you learn from our adult’s lessons?

Our adult’s classes program allows you to learn at your own pace. You will learn to master every set of swimming methodology from front crawl freestyle to breaststroke frog style and advance stage which is butterfly style.

All our swimming coaches and instructors are qualified in conducting swimming for adults and registered under NROC.

Our Adult Swimming Lessons Rates

We make our fees affordable in the market to enable everyone to learn to swim.

Group Swimming Lessons Fees


All classes are conducted in Public Swimming pool.
4 Lessons Per Month
45 Minutes Per Lesson
Minimum Of 3 students to start for every classes
Maximium Of 6 Students Per Class
All kid lessons are based on the SwimSafer program.

Private lessons Fees For Adults

No. Of StudentsFees Per Student
1 to 1 Student$320/month
2 Students$180/month
3 Students$160/month
4 Students and above$140/month

All classes are conducted in Private Swimming pool.
4 Lessons Per Month
45 Minutes Per Lessons
Maximium Of 5 Students Per Class
All kid lessons are based on the SwimSafer program.

We also had kids swimming lessons available. Check out our kids classes for more info. Learn more about why everyone should take up swimming lessons in Singapore. All our rates are affordable.

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