Why essential? Knowing how to swim can be a life saving skill one day.

Life Skill

A skill that will follow you throughout your life years.


It can help every child and adult to improve your mindset whether to relax your mind or your mood.


It’s one of the sports that exercises all of your body parts in and out

Courageous And Bravery

Its help to increase ones courage and overcome water phobia and became braver towards others

Weight Loss

Swimmers are also treating their swimming lesson as a weight loss program.


It let you hang out and have fun with friends at any gathering in the pools and you can become a swimming teachers to teach your friends to get into the water.


It does not cost you much to go swimming in the public pool especially in Singapore. If you live in a condominium it’s even free

At Swim101SG we don’t just teach to swim we inspire our students to  Juz Keep Swimming