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Looking for swimming instructors? Or are you looking for help to learn to swim? You’re in the right place.


Swimming Lessons In Singapore Swim101SG


Kids Swimming Classes

Swim programmes for SwimSafer 2.0 certification.


Adults Swimming Classes

Beginner to advance swim stroke.


Private Swimming Classes

Lessons in private property and condominium for kids and adults.


Swimming Lessons Rates

Best affordable fees in Singapore for all our courses.

It all begins with swimming Lessons In Singapore

Swim101SG takes the lead in swim coaching. We combine expertise, experience, and inspiration in one place, making it easy for you to learn the art of swimming and follow your passions.

Who We Are?


Swim101SG is a reputable swim school in Singapore, committed to honing your swimming skills and offering cost-effective swim programmes. We have cultivated some of the brightest instructors, each possessing the skill set required to make you a professional swimmer. With us, you are sure to push the boundaries of your passion.


Our out-of-the-box coaching methodologies, coupled with our commitment to your fitness, have earned us a name as “The Best Swim School” in Singapore.  So far, we have trained over 100 students and will continue our streak of excellence in the future. 

Swimming Lessons Singapore Swim101SG


Our swimming lessons programmes are specifically designed to cater to your unique needs, whether you are a kid or an adult. We sink our teeth deep into your specific goals and come up with solutions that take your swimming skills to another level.


We believe that it’s everyone right to get cost-effective and result-oriented life skill to be able to swim. That’s why we offer swimming classes that are not only light on the pocket but can also help you navigate the deep waters seamlessly.

What Stands Us Apart In Our Swimming Lessons?

Qualified Experts

At Swim101SG, we pride ourselves on hosting highly qualified instructors who are triple certified by the National Registry of Coaches (NROC), Singapore Teachers Association (SSTA), and AUSTSWIM. Besides, our coaches also leverage an in-depth understanding of swimming to get your job done quickly.


Offering the utmost levels of safety to our students is our hallmark. We not only conduct our class in a highly secure environment but also carry first aid kits to heal minor injuries in all our swimming lessons.

Flexible Schedule

We move our schedule around yours so that you can take up the swimming classes without any disruptions. Similarly, our rates are highly affordable, implying that you can learn this useful life skill without breaking your bank.

Attention to Detail

We delve deeper into your abilities and implement tailor-made solutions to take your swimming skills up the ladder. Whether you want to learn basic skills or intend to master advanced strokes, you can confidently rely on us.

What Our Happy Parents Says

Coach Jimmy is knowledgeable and professional. A great funny guy by nature and every swimming lesson is a joy to my daughter. Thanks to Coach Jimmy! Highly recommended!”
Winnie Soh

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Featured Courses

Swimming Lessons For kids With Swim101SG

Swimming Lessons For Kids

Let your kids immerse in the unending charm of swimming and open the doors of a healthy life. At Swim101SG, we train the kids of 4 years old and above so that they can strengthen their muscles and master this skill at an early age. We conduct classes at public as well as private swimming pools and provide SwimSafer certification at the end.

Learn more about our Kids Classes

Swimming Lessons For Adults With Swim101SG 500x500 1 e1615884186244

Swimming Lessons For Adults

Swim101SG has earned a name as the best swimming school for adults in Singapore. Apart from offering one on one class, we also conduct group sessions so that adults can assess the unique strengths of their fellow mates. With us, you and your unique needs come first.

Learn more about our Adults Classes

Swimming Classes For Special Needs With Swim101SG

Swimming Lessons For Special Needs

Swim101SG offers special swimming lessons in Singapore for people who want to achieve specific goals. Our professional instructors conduct lessons in private and public pools and stay with the students until their desired goals are met. For a tailor-made training plan directed towards your unique needs, nobody can furnish it better than us.

Life Saving Course With Swim101SG

Life Saving Courses

From pool rescue techniques and lifeguarding to useful aquatic instructions, we teach a wide range of life saving methods to help students mitigate the disaster. With our courses, you will certainly achieve the level of a pro lifesaver.

What Our Happy Parents Says

Coach Jimmy is knowledgeable, humorous and experienced in teaching the kids. My boy always enjoys his weekly swimming lessons. Highly recommended”
Rachel Ng

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it all depends upon your unique needs. Generally, the charges of group classes in public schools are $80 per student. On the other hand, the private classes in condos charge are around $100, depending on the number of students.

Learning swimming on your own has its unique set of challenges. It not only increases the chances of getting serious injuries, but it also prolongs the training time as you would be handling all the complexities of swimming on your own. Therefore, it is recommended that you take professional swimming lessons and learn from the experts who have their fingers on the pulse of everything.

There is no age restriction as to when a person should take up swimming. Some people learn the skill at their early age, whereas others go for it when they reach adulthood. However, for optimum results, you should do it at a young age as muscle strength remains at an all-time high when you are young.

It also boils down to the unique abilities and background of an individual. Some people learn the ins and outs of swimming in 3 to 4 lessons, whereas others might require more time.

A big yes! It doesn’t matter whether you are 40 or 50 years old, as long as you are being supervised by professional coaches, you can learn swimming without a hassle.

While basic swimming skills can be learned in just a few lessons, things take time if you want to stretch your muscles further. For instance, learning advanced skills, such as backstroke proficiency, rotary breathing, and whip kick, etc. can take up several years.

Not at all! While it’s also true that swimming is not a walk in the park, you can ace it easily if you have a professional trainer on your end. At Swim101SG, we take pride in offering the services of highly experienced trainers who will make the entire process of swimming seamlessly for you. With our programmes, you will be a pro swimmer in no time.