Swimming Lessons Rates By Swim101sg

All our prices are competitive market rate and we made our fees affordable to everyone 

Kids Swimming Rates

Our most anticipated kids swimming lessons. We make our fees affordable for kids to learn swimming in public swimming pools.

Private Swimming Rates

Most popular classes for kids and adults with us as we provide the most competitive fees for swimming lessons in private condominiums.

Adults Swimming Rates

Adults classes are also one of our strong hold with all our friendly coaches. We conduct our class in a natural way to make them comfortable in the public pool.

Swimming Lessons With Swim101SG

Swimming Lessons Rates With Swim101SGEstablished in 2017 we had been referred to as the “Best swim school” by our student.  We don’t just teach to swim, we inspire our students to just keep swimming as we believe everyone desires a chance to learn to swim as an essential water survival skill.

All our swimming coach are certified and registered with National Registry Of Coaches (NROC).

We’ve been keeping our swimming lessons prices affordable in the competitive market to enable everyone to learn to swim.

Our Swimming Lessons Rates

We make our fees affordable in the market to enable everyone to learn to swim.

Group Swimming Lessons FeesKidsAdults
4 lessons Per Month$80/month$90/month
45 minutes Per Lesson
Minimum Of 3 Students To Start
Maximum Of 10 Students Per Class
All classes are conducted in Public Swimming pool.
Minimum Of 3 students to start for every classes.
All kid lessons are based on the SwimSafer program.

Private Fees For Kids and Adults

No. Of StudentsFees Per Student
1 to 1 Student$280/month
2 Students$160/month
3 Students$120/month
4 Students and above$100/month
4 Lessons Per Month
45 Minutes Per Lessons
Maximium Of 10 Students Per Class

WalletSchool fees will be collected during the first week of every month.
Our instructors will collect cash from the students on their first class of the month.
Payment by others meant are accepted through Paylah, Paynow or bank transfer.

For more information, kindly please read our Class Terms and Conditions.

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