SwimSafer Stage 3 Personal And Stroke Development For Better Swimming In Singapore

SwimSafer Stage 3: Personal And Stroke Development For Better Swimming In Singapore

Introduction to SwimSafer Stage 3

Are you keen on giving your swimming skills a great boost?

Welcome to SwimSafer Stage 3, an innovative programme that propels your current abilities towards proficiency.

This blog is designed to extensively detail the core personal and stroke developmental techniques covered in this stage, setting you on the path of becoming a confident swimmer.

Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • Stage 3 SwimSafer helps kids improve their swimming strokes and personal skills, aiming to swim 50 meters without stopping.
  • Participants gain important skills like using floatation devices, sculling, treading water, and safe entry into deep water.
  • Completing Stage 3 offers benefits such as improved stroke development, enhanced personal development, systematic swim training, and increased safety and confidence in the water.
  • To master the skills at Stage 3: set achievable goals, improve body position and breathing techniques, acquire efficient leg kick action, and focus on coordination and balance.

What is the SwimSafer Stage 3 programme?


What is the SwimSafer Stage 3 programme

Stage 3 swimming criteria aims to develop personal and stroke skills for better swimming.

Aim of Stage 3

Stage 3 has a clear goal. It wants kids to get better at swimming strokes and personal skills. They will learn how to stay safe in water and help others too. The big test is to swim 50 meters without stopping.

This stage also teaches important stuff like moving underwater, using tools that help you float, and how to jump into deep water safely.

Skills Gained at Stage 3

Stage 3 helps kids to learn new skills in the water. It gets more fun as they get better at swimming. Here are some skills you’ll pick up in this stage:

  1. Swim 50 meters well and without a break.
  2. Learn the clues for using floatation devices.
  3. Get very good at sculling and can do it headfirst on the back for 5m.
  4. Can stay floating or treading water for almost a minute.
  5. Have neat ways to enter and exit the pool, like straddle or stride entry leaps into the water.
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Benefits of Completing SwimSafer Stage 3 Test


Benefits of Completing SwimSafer Stage 3 Test

Completing Stage 3 offers a range of benefits, including improved stroke development, enhanced personal development, improved systematic swim training, and increased safety and confidence in the water.

Improved Stroke Development

SwimSafer Stage 3 is all about making your strokes better. This stage helps you to swim non-stop for a long time. It also helps you learn how to switch from one stroke type to another smoothly.

For instance, participants can seamlessly change from front crawl to backstroke while swimming. Not only that but they are taught 25m of breaststroke and survival backstroke too! So, with Stage 3, your strokes will get a lot stronger and more skilful.

Enhanced Personal Development

In stage 3 SwimSafer, you learn more about yourself. This stage helps grow your confidence in the water. You start to know how far you can swim and what skills you can use. For example, using a personal flotation device safely is one thing you learn.

Also, understanding basic rescue skills is a part of this stage. Your swimming proficiency gets better here as well and it shows how easy it becomes for you to swim for 50 meters without stopping.

The knowledge of principles of personal survival that this stage teaches makes sure that when faced with an emergency while swimming or around water bodies, one can keep calm and apply life-saving techniques properly.

Improved Systematic Swim Training

SwimSafer 2.0 Stage 3 helps kids get better at swimming. Kids will learn how to swim straight for a long time. This is called “continuous swimming“. They can swim 50 metres without stopping.

Coaches keep an eye on them to make sure they are doing it right.

Systematic swim training becomes easier too. The aim is to boost their level of skill in the water. Each lesson builds upon the last, making strokes stronger and improving underwater skills like sculling.

Training also covers the safe use of personal flotation devices (PFD) during water activities.

Improved Safety and Confidence

Swim Safer Stage 3 helps kids feel safe in the water. It teaches skills to stay out of danger, like sculling and using a flotation device. Kids also learn how to swim far without stopping.

They work on swimming 50 meters at one time. This makes them safer swimmers and builds their trust in the water. With these new skills, they will know what to do if trouble comes up.

How to Master the Skills at SwimSafer 2.0 Stage 3?

To master the skills at Stage 3, set achievable goals, improve body position and breathing techniques, acquire efficient leg kick action, and focus on coordination and balance. Read more to discover how you can enhance your swimming abilities!

Set achievable goals

Setting goals helps you learn and grow. For Swim Safer 3, aim for a good swim of 50 meters non-stop. This goal pushes your skills in swimming strokes like front crawl and backstroke.

You also need to use survival breaststroke or backstroke for 25m towards a personal floatation device (PFD). Keep your goals in sight and strive to reach them each day. Achieving this will prepare you well for the next stage, building both confidence and proficiency at once.

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Improve body position

SwimSafer 2.0 Stage 3 focuses on improving body position in the water. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Maintain a straight and aligned body while swimming.
  • Keep the head in line with the body, looking forward or slightly down.
  • Relax the neck and shoulders to prevent stiffness.
  • Engage core muscles to stabilize the body and maintain balance.
  • Extend arms forward during strokes to lengthen the body.
  • Kick from the hips, keeping legs straight and toes pointed.
  • Practice proper breathing techniques to avoid lifting the head too high.

Learn proper breathing techniques

Proper breathing techniques are important for better swimming. At SwimSafer Stage 3, participants learn how to breathe effectively while swimming. Here are some key techniques they learned:

  • Breathing in rhythm: They learn to coordinate their breathing with their strokes, inhaling when their face is out of the water and exhaling when their face is in the water.
  • Bilateral breathing: They practice breathing on both sides, which helps improve their balance and allows them to swim straighter.
  • Breath control: They learn to take controlled breaths instead of gasping for air, helping them maintain a smooth and efficient swim stroke.
  • Timing: They work on timing their breaths so that they don’t interrupt their stroke or lose momentum.

Acquire efficient leg kick action

Swimmers in Stage 3 will learn to acquire efficient leg kick action. This important skill helps swimmers move through the water more effectively. They will also learn how to kick properly using their legs to generate power and propulsion in the water. By mastering this skill, swimmers will become more efficient and confident in their swimming abilities. Efficient leg kick action is essential for performing strokes like front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke with ease. It allows swimmers to maintain a strong and steady pace, helping them achieve their goal of swimming 50m continuously.

Improving coordination and balance

Improving coordination and balance is an important part of swimming Stage 3. By practising specific exercises and techniques, swimmers can enhance their ability to move in a controlled and balanced manner in the water.

This includes improving body position and learning how to coordinate different parts of the body while swimming. By focusing on coordination and balance, swimmers can become more efficient in their strokes and movements, leading to better overall performance in the water.


In conclusion, SwimSafer Stage 3 is an important step towards better swimming skills. It focuses on personal and stroke development, teaching essential survival and rescue skills. By mastering the skills taught in this stage, swimmers can improve their overall swimming ability and feel more confident in the water.

So if you want to become a better swimmer, don’t hesitate to take on SwimSafer Stage 3!



What is the main focus of SwimSafer Stage 3?

The SwimSafer Stage 3 majorly focuses on personal water safety and the enhancement of stroke development skills. It is the third level of the SwimSafer programme in Singapore. The goal is to familiarize swimmers with more advanced swimming and survival skills.

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How can I progress from SwimSafer Stage 2 to SwimSafer Stage 3?

After completing Swimsafer Stage 2, you upgrade to Swimsafer Stage 3 by demonstrating competence in the test criteria for that stage. This includes the ability to swim through hoops, climb out of the water, complete the Swimsafer quiz and achieve 50m of continuous swimming. The test criteria also include a focus on stroke development skills.

What stroke development skills are essential for SwimSafer Stage 3?

The stroke development skills at SwimSafer Stage 3 include sculling, underwater skills and a vast array of other swimming techniques. These skills will have to be demonstrated during the Swimsafer Stage 3 test.

How does the SwimSafer 2.0 programme differ from the previous version?

The SwimSafer 2.0 programme, including Stage 3, is an update of the original SwimSafer programme. It combines updated water safety, survival skills, and personal water safety education alongside swimming lessons to provide a comprehensive swimming programme. The goal is not only to teach swimming but also to instil critical water survival skills.

What are the underwater skills intended to be learned in SwimSafer Stage 3?

The underwater skills in this stage include swimming through hoops and mastering submerged entries. The aim is to give learners the ability not only to swim on the surface but to be comfortable and competent underwater.

What kind of water survival skills are students expected to learn in SwimSafer Stage 3?

The survival skills in SwimSafer Stage 3 involve water safety knowledge, like learning how to float and tread water in different situations, as well as how to conserve energy while being in the water for an extended period.

Can I pass the test with unlimited tries?

Yes, in SwimSafer Stage 3, students are allowed to retake the test until they can meet all test criteria including stroke development skills, and achieve the required distances in continuous swimming.

Do you offer this programme at Swim101 swim school?

Yes, Swim101 swim school in Singapore offers the Swimsafer Stage 3 programme. The course includes swimming lessons and survival skills teaching, all conducted by certified swimming instructors.

Are there other activity skills included in SwimSafer Stage 3 other than swimming and survival?

Absolutely. The programme also includes activity skills, such as the ability to climb out of the water without assistance, indicating overall physical fitness and readiness for more advanced swimming techniques.

What should students expect after completing SwimSafer Stage 3?

After completing SwimSafer Stage 3 successfully, the student will possess improved personal water skills, enhanced stroke development skills and increased water safety knowledge. They are fully prepared for the next level - SwimSafer Stage 4, with the ability to swim distances of up to 50m continuously.


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