What is SwimSafer Program in Singapore? By Swim101

SwimSafer Program Singapore: Your Path to Water Safety by Swim101

SwimSafer Programme at Swim101: Your Ultimate Guide to Water Safety in Singapore

Welcome to Swim101, your trusted swim school in Singapore, where we are proud to offer the nationally acclaimed SwimSafer Programme. In a country enveloped by water, mastering the art of swimming and understanding water safety is not just a skill—it’s a necessity.

That’s why we’re committed to providing top-notch instruction in this life-saving program. Join us as we dive deep into what makes SwimSafer the ultimate program for aquatic safety and proficiency.

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The Need for SwimSafer Swimming Lesson

In Singapore, where water activities are a part of daily life, the importance of water safety cannot be overstated. Recent statistics on drowning incidents highlight the critical need for programs like SwimSafer.

What is SwimSafer in Singapore?

SwimSafer program certifications with Swim101

Do swimming lessons for your little ones fill you with a touch of trepidation? It’s perfectly understandable, for as parents ourselves, we share in that gentle knot of worry that comes from enrolling our kiddies into aquatic adventures.

That’s why we’ve plunged headfirst into an in-depth exploration of Singapore’s esteemed SwimSafer programme. This splendid initiative has been designed with great care to arm children with essential survival skills and stroke techniques (did you know? It’s part and parcel of the physical education curriculum within primary schools).

We’re pleased to bring you a thorough appraisal of this all-embracing programme, detailing each stage and shedding light on how it sets your child’s safety at the very forefront.

So fancy dipping toes into a pool of enlightenment? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • SwimSafer is a swimming programme in Singapore that teaches water safety and swimming skills to children, teens, and adults.
  • The programme consists of different stages where participants learn various skills, from basic swimming in shallow water to advanced stroke techniques.
  • Participants receive certifications and awards for each stage they complete, and the programme is recognized by MOE schools in Singapore.
  • SwimSafer aims to build confidence in the water, promote recreational swimming, and reduce the risk of drowning incidents.

The Overview SwimSafer Programme

The SwimSafer Programme consists of various stages and skills that aim to teach water safety education and build swimming proficiency.

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 SwimSafer Stage 1: Introduction to Water Skills

Embark on your child’s swimming journey with SwimSafer Stage 1. Designed to instil water confidence, this stage covers basic water safety and simple forward and backward movements. A must for every beginner!

 SwimSafer Stage 2: Fundamental Water Skills

Advance to SwimSafer Stage 2 and watch your child master unassisted water entry and sculling. This stage aims for 25 meters of continuous swimming, setting the foundation for more advanced skills.

 SwimSafer Stage 3: Personal & Stroke Development Skills

SwimSafer Stage 3 takes your child’s swimming to the next level with personal survival principles and basic rescue skills. Aim for 50 meters of continuous swimming and become a more proficient swimmer.

 SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze:

Step into advanced swimming with SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze. Focused on stroke improvement and watercraft safety, this stage prepares your child for 100 meters of coordinated deep-water swimming.

 SwimSafer Stage 5 Silver:

SwimSafer Stage 5 Silver introduces your child to the fundamentals of diving and advanced rescue skills. Master efficient stroke techniques and prepare for more challenging aquatic adventures

 SwimSafer Stage 6 Gold:

Reach the pinnacle of swimming proficiency with SwimSafer Stage 6 Gold. Aim for 400 meters of smooth, powerful strokes and acquire advanced lifesaving readiness and personal safety skills.

SwimSafer Certification and awards

We give out certifications and awards in the SwimSafer programme. These make sure that kids learn the right swimming skills. Every kid gets a certificate at each stage of SwimSafer.

These stages bring more skills into play. The goal is to get every kid to Stage 1 or higher. In 2019, about 83% of kids hit this target.

But we don’t stop there! We want as many kids as possible to reach Stage 2 and even Stage 3! And we are making good progress too. Around 55% of our swimmers reached at least Stage 2 in 2019, and nearly four in ten hit Stage 3 goals! This achievement shows the hard work put in by both students and instructors within our Singapore swim schools.

How to Get Certified at Swim101 for SwimSafer Stage: A Quick Guide

Getting certified in the SwimSafer classes at Swim101 is a simple and rewarding process. Start with an initial assessment to determine your skill level, followed by structured lessons tailored to each SwimSafer stage. Our certified instructors will guide you through internal evaluations, preparing you for the official SwimSafer assessment. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a recognized certificate and have the option to advance to the next stage.

Ready to Dive In?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain essential water safety skills and a recognized certification. Take the first step in your SwimSafer journey by getting in touch with us today!

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Benefits and Importance of SwimSafer SwimSafer Certification

SwimSafer is not just a swimming programme, but also provides essential water safety education and helps build swimming skills and confidence in participants.

Water safety education

We teach about water safety in the SwimSafer programme. This is so important. Knowing how to be safe around water can save lives. Our young swimmers learn different ways to keep safe.

They find out how to spot danger and avoid it. We also help them understand what they should do if something goes wrong. This might be if a friend gets into trouble, or even if they themselves are in the water and need help.

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Every lesson gives our students more knowledge about how to stay safe around water. By being aware of risks, kids can better protect themselves and others too!

Building swimming skills and confidence

We use the SwimSafer programme to help kids get better at swimming. They start at stage 1 and move up as they learn more skills. Each stage makes them stronger swimmers. They also feel more sure of themselves in the water.

This way, they can swim without fear or worry. By moving through stages, their swimming skills grow. It is not just about strokes and speed. We also teach them how to be safe in deep water.

This helps build confidence too!

Psychological Benefits: More Than Just Swimming

Joining the SwimSafer class at Swim101 doesn’t just make you water-safe; it also offers a range of psychological benefits.

From boosting self-esteem to reducing stress, swimming is a holistic activity that enhances both your physical and mental well-being.

Experience the calming effects of water, improve your mood, and build resilience, all while learning essential swimming skills.

How the MOE SwimSafer Program is run in schools?

Students participating in MOE SwimSafer lessons at a school swimming pool with Swim101.

The MOE SwimSafer Programme is implemented in primary and secondary schools across Singapore, ensuring that students have the opportunity to learn essential water safety and swimming skills.

Primary and secondary school participation

MOE primary schools in Singapore currently offer the primary school SwimSafer program to their students as part of physical education (PE) lessons. This means that children in primary school have the opportunity to learn important swimming and water safety skills.

From 2018, all MOE primary schools will adopt the enhanced SwimSafer 2.0 program according to the MOE swimming requirement, ensuring that students receive comprehensive instruction in swimming proficiency and survival skills.

In addition to primary schools, secondary schools also participate in the SwimSafer program, providing older students with continued opportunities to develop their water skills and knowledge.

Recognized by MOE schools in Singapore

SwimSafer class is big in Singapore! SwimSafer MOE schools give it a thumbs up. They use this programme as part of the school time for kids. This makes SwimSafer swimming class a key part of our children’s learning.

All SwimSafer primary school in Singapore now work with the SwimSafer Singapore from SportSG. So, every child gets to be part of this great swim and safety lesson during their school years. Plus, since it happens during class hours, no need to worry about extra time outside school!


In conclusion, SwimSafer classes is a vital programme that teaches children important water safety skills and helps them build their swimming abilities. It is recognized by schools in Singapore and provides certifications and awards for participants.

By participating in SwimSafer lessons, children can gain confidence in the water and develop life-saving skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to ensure your child’s safety in the water!

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the SwimSafer Programme in Singapore?

The SwimSafer Programme is the national water safety programme in Singapore. It is conducted by certified SwimSafer instructors and is aimed to teach a wide range of swimming skills, water survival, and enhance swimming proficiency. It incorporates personal water safety skills and general skill development including unassisted including unassisted step entry and underwater skills.

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What does a swimming lesson within the SwimSafer stage 1 involve?

In SwimSafer stage 1, kids learn general and deep-end water safety rules. They are introduced to water and are trained to develop independence in the water. Basic coordination, like coordinated breathing in deep water, and safe entry and exit techniques are also taught at this stage.

Can you explain what happens in SwimSafer stage 2 swimming class?

In SwimSafer stage 2, children are required to demonstrate efficient stroke techniques and personal water safety skills. Underwater skills get a bit more advanced as surface dives are introduced. General skill development continues alongside with introduction of personal flotation devices (PFD).

Why is the Swimsafer stage 3 important in the swimming programme?

SwimSafer stage 3, also known as the SwimSafer bronze stage, is a vital step in the programme as it is where learners are required to perform tasks in deep water while swimming 100 metres. They are further trained to improve their underwater skills, and diving will be introduced at this stage. This stage aims for children to be more confident and have better independence in the water.

How do children progress from stage 3 to stage 5 in the SwimSafer Programme in Singapore?

After passing stage 3, the kids move to the progressive stages which are stage 4 and 5. In these stages, the child will be required to put all of their learned skills to the test. Water safety knowledge will again be enhanced. The child should be able to handle general and deep-end water safety along with demonstrating all efficient stroke techniques and underwater skills learned in the previous stages. The quizzes and SwimSafer theory tests also take place during these stages.

Can you tell me about the Swimsafer stage 5 in the ActiveSG swimming programme?

SwimSafer stage 5, also known as Swimsafer Silver stage, in the ActiveSG Swimming programme is the final, most advanced stage. In this stage, not only will they refine their swimming techniques but also learn important life-saving skills. The children will have to demonstrate endurance by swimming long distances and be adept in the usage of personal flotation devices. There will also be a SwimSafer quiz at this stage.

How is the Swimsafer certification earned?

Each stage of the SwimSafer programme has specific requirements that a child must meet in order to pass. After the successful completion of all the tasks and quizzes in each stage, a SwimSafer certification for that stage is awarded. The entire programme comprises six stages, starting from the 1st stage and going up to the Swimsafer 2.0 stage i.e., the SwimSafer Gold stage.

What changes were made in the revamped SwimSafer Syllabus 2.0 programme?

The updated SwimSafer 2.0 programme aims to provide a more robust and comprehensive learning experience for children. It includes new components such as the use of a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), recognition of distress signals and understanding of safe rescue techniques. There is also a greater emphasis on equipping children with practical water survival skills.

What is the SwimSafer theory test?

The SwimSafer theory test is a part of the SwimSafer Programme that evaluates a child's understanding of water safety rules and survival techniques. It usually involves a quiz that covers various aspects of swimming safety, water survival skills, and swimming skills acquired over the different stages of the programme.

How can I enrol my child in the SwimSafer programme conducted by Swim101 in Singapore?

You can enrol your child in the SwimSafer programme conducted by Swim101 through our official website. It is recommended to start with the SwimSafer stage 1 class and then progress sequentially unless your child has already mastered some stages.


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