SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze Certification Master Personal Survival And Stroke Improvement Skills

SwimSafer Stage 4: Bronze Certification: Master Personal Survival And Stroke Improvement Skills

Introduction to SwimSafer Stage 4: Bronze

Are you looking to improve your swimming skills and boost your confidence in the water? SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze certification could be just what you need! This programme not only focuses on stroke techniques but also equips you with personal survival skills, adding an extra layer of safety to your time spent around water bodies.

Dive into this article to learn more about SwimSafer Bronze, and discover how it can take your swimming journey to a new level.

Key Takeaways

  • Stage SwimSafer 4 Bronze focuses on improving stroke techniques and coordinated breathing in deep water.
  • Participants in this program must swim 100 meters continuously using different strokes.
  • SwimSafer Bronze helps individuals master personal survival skills, improve stroke techniques, and build confidence in deep water.

What is SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze?

SwimSafer 2.0 Stage 4 Bronze focuses on the development of stroke techniques, coordinated breathing in deep water, and the ability to swim 100 metres.

Development of stroke techniques

In stage 4 swimming criteria, you learn new ways to move in the water. Different stroke techniques become a key part of your training. You work hard to make each stroke better and stronger.

This practice helps you swim faster and with less effort. As your skills grow, so does your love for swimming!

Coordinated breathing in deep water

In deep water, you learn to breathe in a special way. In Swim Safer Stage 4 Bronze, this skill is very important. You swim and breathe at the same time. It takes some work but it’s easy when you get the hang of it.

Breathing while swimming keeps your body strong and helps with strokes. Each stroke needs a breath of air. So, as you move through the water, you also need to take in air. This is what we call “coordinated breathing“.

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It keeps your energy up and helps you swim for longer periods.

Swimming 100 metres

Swimming 100 metres is no small feat. It’s a key part of Stage 4 Bronze, where you must swim this far without stopping. You will swim four different ways; for each 25m stretch, you change the stroke style.

These styles include front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and survival backstroke. Using these strokes helps to build up your swimming skills and abilities. Your clothes won’t hold you back either! Shorts, T-shirts and swimsuits are all you wear as you swim this distance in pools at least 1.4m deep water.

Benefits of SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze


Benefits of SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze

Stage 4 offers several benefits including mastering personal survival skills, improving stroke techniques, and building confidence in deep water.

Mastering personal survival skills

SwimSafer Bronze helps you learn key personal survival skills. This stage teaches safe ways to get in and out of the water. It asks you to show compact jumps for both entry and exit.

Also, it improves your sculling and body tricks. For two minutes, you must float, tread water or scull. And get ready to be better at staying safe in the water!

Improving stroke techniques

You get better at each stroke in stage. This stage helps swim learners improve their breaststroke, sidestroke and survival backstroke skills. You also learn how to breathe well while swimming.

Slow and steady swimming is key in this stage.

Good strokes help swimmers move faster and save energy. They make longer swims easier too. You will learn to glide smoothly through the water using less effort. The better your strokes become, the more fun you will have when you go for a swim!

Building confidence in deep water

This stage helps swimmers feel safe in deep water. They learn how to breathe right, float and scull. These skills make them strong in the water and keep them from fearing deep ends.

This is a big part of becoming a good swimmer.

At this stage, jumping into the water gets easy too. Compact jumps help swimmers get in and out of the water fast. Feet-first surface dives are also taught here. They show swimmers how to dive under the surface safely, even if it’s very deep! The goal here is to make sure that every swimmer can stay calm while having fun in any type of swimming area.

Test Criteria for SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze

SwimSafer Stage 4 Bronze Award With Swim101

To achieve Bronze, participants must complete sequences without goggles, swim 100m continuously, and demonstrate mastery of personal survival skills. Read more to learn about the requirements for this certification.

Sequence 4A (without goggles)

In Bronze level, students learn to do sequence 4A without goggles. This part of the test is vital. Here’s what it involves:

  1. You will first perform a compact jump into the pool.
  2. Then you must swim through hoops on the pool bottom. The hoops are at least 2m away.
  3. Next, you have to do a feet-first surface dive and retrieve a flotation aid thrown by a ‘rescuer’.
  4. After that, you show your ability to float using this aid.
  5. Finally, you swim to the edge of the pool and exit without help.
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Sequence 4B (without goggles)

In Bronze SwimSafer test, participants need to complete Sequence 4B without goggles. This is an important skill to develop confidence and independence in the water. Here are the key points about Sequence 4B:

  • Swim without using goggles.
  • Participants must demonstrate their swimming abilities without relying on goggles.
  • Swimming without goggles helps improve water skills and become more proficient swimmers.
  • It is a test criteria that participants need to fulfil for the SwimSafer Stage 4 certification.
  • Swimming without goggles is an essential skill for building confidence in the water.

Swim 100m continuously

In Swimsafer Bronze requirements, participants must swim 100m continuously, which is an important skill taught during this stage. The 100m swim includes different strokes: 25m of front crawl, 25m of backstroke, 25m of breaststroke, and 25m of survival backstroke.

This helps participants develop their swimming abilities and improve their water skills. By learning to swim continuously for this distance, participants build confidence and independence in the water.


In conclusion, Stage 4 SwimSafer Bronze is a program that helps participants master personal survival skills and improve their stroke techniques. By completing the test criteria and demonstrating their swimming proficiency, individuals can gain confidence in deep water and continue their swimming journey.

This certification is a great achievement that emphasizes safety and skill development in the water.

Frequently Ask Questions


What is the SwimSafer Bronze programme in Singapore?

The SwimSafer Bronze is part of the SwimSafer 2.0 programme in Singapore, an initiative by the swim school promoting swimming proficiency and water safety. This stage 4 test focuses on mastering personal survival and stroke improvement skills, aimed at different ages and abilities to enhance their swimming skills and techniques and to improve the child’s stroke.

What is the basic prerequisite for stage 4 of the “swimsafer bronze” programme?

Enrolling in stage 4 necessitates prior completion of stages 1, 2 and 3 of the SwimSafer programme, with satisfactory performance in swimming lessons. Participants should have water safety knowledge, along with coordinated breathing and basic rescue techniques promoted in stage 3. Practical completion of survival skills in the earlier stages of swimsafer also contributes to eligibility.

What does swimming proficiency entail in the swimsafer bronze programme?

Swimming proficiency in the SwimSafer Bronze programme entails the child's stroke techniques and continual work on rescue and personal water safety. There is also an emphasis on proficiency in survival breaststroke, sidestroke, and swimming slowly using survival backstroke for about 3 min.

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How does the swimsafer bronze programme approach water survival skills in stage 4?

Survival skills integral to the water survival portion of the SwimSafer Bronze programme in stage 4 include swimming slowly using survival backstroke or breaststroke over 100 metres and changing every 15m. Additionally, water safety principles such as how to negotiate deep water while swimming 100 metres, and how to cope in emergency situations are part of the curriculum.

Are there any particular skills that the swimsafer bronze programme emphasizes in stage 4?

Yes. The program puts a significant focus on learning advanced and improved swimming skills, stroke techniques and survival skills. Students are also taught how to swim through hoops on the pool bottom, a skill that adds a fun aspect as well as increasing breath control and buoyancy usage.

Why is the SwimSafer Bronze programme such an important part of stage 4?

The SwimSafer Bronze programme in stage 4 is critical for its focus on mastering personal survival and stroke improvement skills. It builds on the foundation laid in stages 1, 2, and 3, and prepares swimmers for the more advanced stages 5 and 6. The curriculum intends to empower swimmers to handle themselves in water confidently.

How does the SwimSafer Bronze Stage 4 prepare for the more advanced SwimSafer stages like Stage 5 and Stage 6?

The SwimSafer Bronze in stage 4 lays a strong foundation for survival skills and stroke competency in deep water, which are crucial for the advanced stages 5 and 6. The principles of watercraft safety learnt in this stage will significantly contribute to managing emergency scenarios in advanced stages.

How is the Swimsafer theory test included in the SwimSafer Bronze programme in stage 4?

In the Swimsafer Bronze programme, the theory test is intertwined with the practical test. It evaluates the swimmer's understanding of water safety, principles of watercraft safety, the swim safer guidelines, and how to adapt in emergency situations – crucial knowledge for any proficient swimmer.

What differentiates the swimsafer bronze programme from the other stages in swimsafer 2.0?

The SwimSafer Bronze programme is differentiated by its focus on enhancing personal survival skills, stroke skills improvement, and introducing principles of watercraft safety. Each stage of the swimsafer 2.0 targets different skills and capabilities, with SwimSafer Bronze emphasizing personal water safety and survival.

What kind of results can I expect from enrolling my child in the SwimSafer Bronze programme?

The SwimSafer Bronze program's stage 4 rectifies and enhances your child's swimming skills and techniques. You can expect your child to develop significant water safety knowledge, be capable of handling deep water while swimming 100 metres, cope with emergency situations, and be prepared to advance towards SwimSafe stages 5 and 6.


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